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Thursday, 9/4: more fun facts
September 5, 2008, 5:11 am
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More from your favorite pundit.* I’m writing this from an almost totally clean room, a feeling so refreshing as to be almost foreign. All thanks to the preponderance of medical school students who will descend on our house Saturday for the party, thrown by their teacher and my father, that ranks in legend as one of the parties of the year. (No, really.) I am currently taking suggestions for a party playlist. In the meantime, some recommendations.

1. Random Family by Adrian Nicole LeBlanc. I know, a big brouhaha was made over it a couple of years ago. I wanted to read it then, but as previously discussed, I’m a big fan of being behind the times when it comes to pop culture. At any rate, this book has prevented me from being productive for the past three days. Her documentation – and refusal to pass judgment or offer excuses – is incredible, although you may need some sort of cheat sheet to keep up with all the men and children who pass in and out of the two main women’s lives.

2. Leanne on Project Runway. a) Adorable (with a sense of humor!) and b) actually reminds me of some of my friends. And c) I generally like her clothes and her aesthetic a lot. But I’m sad to see Stella Zotis and her phone calls to her boo Ratbones go. Who isn’t, really.

I like Kenley’s personal style, in general, and I like most of her pieces, but I think Project Rungay hits the mark when they describe her as “the kind of girl that other girls hate on sight.” She reminds me of a girl I knew from My College. I think it’s the laugh. Although, you know, I’ve been That Girl before too, so I’m willing to give her a little slack. Just a little. Also, did Blayne REALLY think that Mary-Kate Olsen was a fashion icon? I am hardly well versed in the language of couture, but I know when the line between high-fashion and homeless has been crossed.

3. Making your own freezer jam. Who knew preserving was so simple? Maybe I’d make a good pioneer after all.

4. Tulle has made three of my favorite coats, all of which were under $100 and all of which are adorable, colorful, and well-made. Browsing the site, it appears that they have a lot of nice stuff that is also affordable, but it is in the outerwear arena where they really appear to shine. I love the Mary Tyler Moore aesthetic that a lot of them have going on, especially my new corduroy roll-neck jacket:

what a snuggly jacket

what a snuggly jacket

I like the fact that it also evokes Paddington Bear, although I’m not sure what that says about me.

5. Fortune Magazine investigates the gender gap in pay and finds that, apparently, there are a lot of factors besides gender that influence this gap. I sort of disagree with Cait Murphy in her “let them be social workers” analysis, but for different reasons than those her opponents mention – I don’t know that we should offer higher pay for these industries simply because they’re not being paid the same (because equivalency is far more complex to determine than such a blanket statement would suggest), but more because increasing pay would, in many instances, increase the prestige (and thus the talent pool) of different careers and would work to alleviate the sort of burnout that characterizes, for example, the teaching profession. Nonetheless, I was unaware of this study, and I find the results indicative of a whole host of other issues that also require discussion and address. Have there been any studies done that counter this? Thoughts?

6. What I like most about The American Scene, to be totally honest, is its reasonable tone. Hysterics aren’t foreign to either side of the political spectrum, obviously, but in all the Obama frenzy a lot of conservative talking heads seem to be almost more unable to keep a note of bitterness out of their analyses. These guys are conservative, make no mistake – more so than I am, at least in the two days I’ve been reading their blog – but they’re not party zealots, and regardless of affiliation, their writing is engaging and offers clear, thoughtful analysis of their positions. Also, apparently Reihan Salam is only 28, which makes me feel totally worthless and like I have done nothing with my life.

7. I am published for the first time in several months. I am also working on a piece re: Obama supporters in the 1st District of Tennessee; they’re an admirable bunch, given that this is one of the most densely Republican districts in the nation. Although, frankly speaking, the Tri-Cities being heavily Republican is not much of an endorsement for the GOP.

8. Francis Fukuyama, end-of-history theorist and neo-con-turned-Obama-supporter, has a magazine. I am intrigued. I am also considering appropriating the name Francis Fukuyama for a future child or pet.


*Thanks for the nickname, Grey Munford.