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Friday, 8/1: rock and roll
August 2, 2008, 1:49 am
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The amount of Ryan Adams I am listening to on any given day is a pretty good indicator of my latitude in these United States. Being in Tennessee, with its relative proximity to Kentucky, is akin to approaching the limit of that particular equation (where Kentucky = maximum alt-country listening possible), so I’ve spent the past few trips to and from my statistics class working my way through Heartbreaker (good but too much of a downer to be listenable on some days), Gold (much better than I remembered) and Rock and Roll, which was fine until the abysmal “Note to Self: Don’t Die” (chorus: “Note to self: don’t change for anyone/note to self: don’t die” – I think he left off the note where he was supposed to pick up the dry cleaning and call back his mother), after which I pretty much checked out and started listening to that Mirah album about the bugs instead. Now that is music which requires no specific geographical location. I should have known better than to revisit any album that was on rotation during my time at Hollister.

I center each day lately around the class I’m taking at ETSU, which features people who say things like “I don’t do square roots” and “The least common denomiwhat?” My professor actually specializes in knot theory – I looked him up – so I’m not sure how he feels each day about coming to class and having to say things like “You’ll find that a basic knowledge of fractions is quite useful in a wide variety of jobs, actually.” Actually, I’m pretty sure that the whole class is a distraction from his Babylon 5 fansite, which I caught him updating today as I went to his office to take a test.

Rock and roll is pretty much the best phrase to describe my life right now, obviously. I did have another interview today with a potential job – most of the positions I’m looking at are in DC, which would be nice, as it would give me the opportunity to come home and see Miguk Sister in her new role as a Division 1 Cheerleader. In the meantime, I finished The New Kings of Nonfiction, which I didn’t want to like* but totally did, even Jack Hitt’s piece. Why must you torment me so, Ira? And when will you realize how you love me?

*Further elaboration on this point: I hate how liking stuff like TAL serves as this sort of shorthand for cool, like, look at me, I’m aware of cool shit. But I also know that I’m not the only one who feels like this, which means that it’s sort of not cool at all, actually, and that is stupid too. Can’t we just like things without considering their larger cultural ramifications? (Asks the Queen of the Navel Gazers.) I wish I had a clearer way to articulate this point.


also, so much love.
October 8, 2007, 2:50 pm
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This is an email from my younger sister. College searching.

dear [IGR]

this is for ut

it is a very wierd prompt

i don’t like it

i don’t care about anything in society

i don’t want to write it

i have to write it

will you help me?

ok. thank you.

i love you

any ideas would be appreciated

i hope you’re having a wonderful day.

i am home alone all day because family plus karsh’s are at dollywood

i couldn’t miss a fourth etsu class,

thats pushing it

today is my half-birthday.

i get paid today from hollister

i think that adrienne likes me better than you,

but from your status, i feel things only could look up.

andrew and zachs birthdays=the 18th

ashleys=the 19th

ut tour=18th and 19th

my fall break starts today

but i have etsu class

so we’re not going anywhere.

but.. we are going to usc on monday

then coming back,

i have practice on monday and a test in math tuesday

then going to alabama on wednesday.
brice and kathy say i will hate both

man, things are looking up

i left od outside

he is barking

i should let him in

because no one else will

because i’m just sitting here alone.

The SAT is tomorrow.

i’m not gonna do well,

because i’m a bad test taker

and i neglect to study for such comprehensive things.

it is causing me to go to the ut georgia game late.

so now i can’t tailgate.

with the karsh’s,


of course they would tailgate.

i was going to take sam to the game

because they got tyler a ticket but he has band,

but she has cheerleading.

i’ll probably give the ticket to andrew,

because he is in knox already,

and is going with his dad.

but.. his dad gave his ticket away,

because andrews just going to hang with his brother anyway.

and well, i don’t know who else i’d give it to,

so i’ll be hangin with brice and kathy and brandon and mom and dad.

but thats fun too

and i’m supposed to go introduce myself to joy, the cheerleading coach,

i have no idea what i’ll say

i’m not a people person,

but whatev.

hopefully all will be well

i ahve something to do all fall break,

yes everyday

my my how i am busy.

i love you

i may call you in 3 or so hours.

i don’t know why i only wrote one or less sentence per line

i just felt like it.

have a good day ❤

This is an email exchange with my best friend from high school.

Sometimes I think about how lucky I am and I am so happy.