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Here are links to some of my ESL lesson plans. All of these are original with the exception of those denoted by an asterisk (*). The files are available for download in both .doc and .pdf format, except for those published as Google Docs.

All of these are geared towards middle school students ranging in ability from upper low to upper intermediate. The vast majority of them, however, can be adjusted to be more difficult.


– includes three variations

Future Tense*

– includes two variations

*The fortune teller lesson seems to be a popular ESL plan, although I wrote the particulars of this one. The horoscope lesson is original.


*customized for my classroom, but originally created by Drew Soloski

Personal Ads*

*customized for my classroom/adjusted to middle school level, but originally created (PowerPoint included) by Rebecca Heeb


– includes three variations (including one untested!)

– also includes lesson on tolerance that originally inspired the intermediate version

Guess Who?

– a first day of class lesson for students previously known/met

The Price is Right… (lesson plan)*

The Price is Right… (PowerPoint)

– a numbers review lesson

I Wish…

– discusses how to construct “I Wish” sentences

– features song by Nina Simone

How Nice of You!*

– overview of compliments

– students really love this for unknown reasons

– worksheet mine, PowerPoint (modified) by Lindsay Herron

Break it Up*

– syllables

– v. helpful in pronunciation

– worksheet from Mariah Perrin, PowerPoint (modified) from Lindsay Herron

Scenes from a Restaurant

– overview of proper ordering etiquette

– food portion of lesson is optional, possible for higher-level or better-behaved students (neither of which I have)

Would You Rather…

– provides students with choice vocabulary

– also, having your students repeat “Would you rather fight a giant squid or a giant robot?” in unison is an experience no one should miss.


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